Tower Services, Site Management, And Site Locations

At the heart of any communications system is tower infrastructure. At CommTech, we offer self-supporting monopoles, guyed towers, site equipment, antennas, grounding, painting, and lighting options that are some of the best in the industry. We recognize tower infrastructure is the core of your communications systems and have a range of options for you to select from that will guarantee your communications never go dark. We offer tower services and site management as well as a map of our tower site locations.

Tower services

At CommTech, we provide the radio tower services that you need to keep your communications going. For customer-owned sites, we offer complete site construction and maintenance. For new or existing sites, we can help create a site plan and gather engineering.

We will work with you during the entire construction process, providing site planning, permitting, design, and assembly services. We will even mount the tower equipment for you as part of the construction process.

We can inspect and repair your radio towers with our complete maintenance services. Our team can also install and remove equipment as well as decommission tower sites.

Tower site management

As part of our radio tower services, we also offer site management. This service includes leasing spaces, whether the site is owned by CommTech or our customers. We will also upkeep the site, grant access, and provide site sketches to you.

Our tower site management is ideal for people or companies who own tower properties and need help maintaining them or marketing them for a profit. Many individuals don’t have the time or expertise to work on or maintain their towers.

Having a tower can be a good source of income if properly maintained and marketed; that’s where CommTech comes in. We can help keep the lights on, grass mowed, facilities working, and the tenants paid up.

Tower site locations

In Amarillo, our tower site locations include Central Amarillo (160’) and NW Amarillo (300’). We also offer a map of our tower site locations.

There are many types of communication towers available, including self-supporting, monopole, and guyed.

Self-supporting towers can be the most costly to build. These structures are used for power transmission, television, and more. Self-supporting towers can be built on buildings or on the ground with a lattice frame design. With a height ranging from 30 – 490 feet, this type has the greatest resistance to wind and ice.

Monopole towers have a single pole design. Generally, this type is used in personal and cellular communication service.

Monopole towers are freestanding and are most often placed on the rooftops of tall buildings. Each section of this structure is bolted or welded together for a height ranging from 30-490 feet. The area with the largest diameter is at the bottom, and the sections gets small as the tower goes up.

Guyed towers are more cost-efficient and lighter than self-supporting towers. This type is most often used in rural settings and is anchored to the ground using three guy wires made of high-strength steel. Guyed towers range in height from 25-625 feet.

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